"The file conversion was handled seamlessly and professionally. I am very happy." - Eric Grant

Yamin & Grant, LLC

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Growing law firm triples storage capacity and simplifies record retrieval

Yamin & Grant, LLC, a rapidly growing law firm specializing in business and commercial litigation, moved from leased space to ownership of a new building. The move was a perfect opportunity to develop a more efficient, centralized records storage system in the new location that would meet the law firm’s needs today, but also accommodate future growth. Systematics devised a plan that maximized the use of space and improved records management efficiency as well as provided for expansion capability as the company continues to grow.

CHALLENGE : Yamin & Grant has quadrupled in size during the last few years. To accommodate current and future growth, the company purchased a new building to increase working and storage space for its staff of seven attorneys and nine paralegals. Prior to the move, records were stored in lateral file cabinets, resulting in cumbersome record retrieval, inefficient use of file room space and the need for frequent back-shifting of file inventory. Documents were filed in top-tab legal folders, on which labels were often handwritten.

SOLUTION :  Tom Carmody of Systematics provided a site survey of the records storage room and recommended several options, providing detailed plans and drawings for the new space. A static shelf-based file system was installed in the new building, which provided more storage capacity than the existing filing cabinets and allowed files to be retrieved and replaced more efficiently. The filing solution tripled the firm’s storage capacity, opening up valuable square footage that could accommodate the company’s expanding record inventory. Plans included converting static shelving to compact storage, which would double the firm’s capacity as future growth necessitated.

Existing top-tab folders were replaced with side-tab legal folders that were color-coded and bar-coded. An onsite label system was implemented for the production of the bar code labels. The professional services team at Systematics handled the purging and file conversion of 2,000+ records to a new side-tab, bar code filing system and generated a new database that now accounts for every record located in central storage.

“The storage solution by Systematics came out perfectly and tripled our storage space. The file conversion was handled seamlessly and professionally in just a day or two. I am very happy.”