When Clothing Stores Are Bursting at the Seams, They Hit the Wall – Literally

Retailers need to keep plenty of merchandise in their storerooms to replenish the racks. A customer who wants to buy an item that just sold out isn’t only a lost sale today, but perhaps many lost sales forever. However, real estate costs discourage retailers from allocating much, if any, of their high-dollar space for inventory storage. It’s enough to make a retailer bang his head against the wall – and that wall could actually be the solution. Take a look at how wall space can be transformed into efficient storage:  http://bit.ly/1itoeKE

See examples of these wall-mounted rack lifts in the Lift & Storage Systems booth at GlobalShop 2014, March 18-20, at the Mandalay Resort and Convention Center in Las Vegas (www.globalshop.org), Booth 1289. We’ll see you there!


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