When Assumptions Meet Reality: The Truth About High Density Storage

Ugly, expensive, inefficient…that’s what people always assume about high-density storage systems. But after a closer look, they frequently quote the movie Casablanca: “I was misinformed.”

Myth 1. It’s expensive

REALITY – Do the math. High-density mobile storage, at $2-3 per storage inch, is actually cheaper than traditional lateral files at $5-6 per storage inch.

Myths 2 & 3. It’s inefficient and restrictive

REALITY – In an 18’x30’ space, a high-density mobile system increased storage capacity by a whopping 316%. And it’s not just for storing paper files; almost anything, from baseball bats to archaeological artifacts, can be shelved in high-density storage systems.

Myth 4. It’s unsafe

REALITY – It’s not just for the first floor any more. Thanks to good engineering, the floor rails of mobile storage systems spread the weight over a large area, making the systems safe for use on upper floors.

Myth 5. It’s ugly

REALITY – Today’s high-density mobile storage offers modern, clean lines and the ability to customize finishes to complement the highest of high style designs. Custom paint? Graphics? No problem!

Welcome to the truth – and beauty – of high density storage.


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Statistics–J. Weber  Photo © Andrey Kuzmin – Fotolia.com