Want to Succeed in Business? Get Happy.

The U.S.A. is arguably the No. 1 best place on earth, but we rank 11th in happiness compared to the rest of the world. Prosperity is one of the primary components of overall happiness, according to Forbes Magazine. Even though economic indicators show us recovering well after the Great Recession, we still seem to think that we’re not prospering…and we’re not happy.

“Think” is the key word here – and writer Eric Barker says our brains control our happiness far more than we might imagine. It seems we recall any given event as having just two parts: the emotional peak, and the end. If the end is happy, the entire event is viewed positively. (Think about any movie you’ve seen.)

Barker proposes structuring your work days to end on a high note, and lists seven tactics to help you achieve this:

  1. Have a “shut-down” ritual – a routine that tells your brain to move out of work mode and into relaxation mode.
  2. Spend week-night time, not just weekends, with family and friends.
  3. Master something – work on a hobby, take a class, practice a musical instrument.
  4. Dim the lights an hour before bedtime and avoid e-devices as much as possible; this will get your brain into sleep mode.
  5. Write down the good things that happened that day.
  6. Don’t go to bed angry with your partner – and don’t stay up late and fight.
  7. Schedule something to look forward to. The anticipation of fun doubles the happiness.

Increasing your happiness quotient will have a remarkable effect on your business life. You’ll perceive yourself and your business as prosperous and successful. And as we all know, perception is reality.


Photo © Prazis – Fotolia