The Wisdom of Others: An Underrated Leadership Skill

It takes a big person to admit that they don’t know it all. Whether you’re a small-business entrepreneur or the CEO of a multi-national corporation, reaching out for help creates feelings of vulnerability that are especially uncomfortable to people in leadership positions. Nevertheless, the most successful leaders wisely seek out the wisdom of others, no matter how humbling it feels.

For any business leader, establishing an industry network is vital. Suppliers, peers, and even competitors can provide valuable insights, tips and expert advice. This story in Business Review Weekly profiles an Australian entrepreneur who makes it a practice to seek out the wisdom of others. The pay-off: his network connected him to his first big contract.

This flip side of the coin, of course, is offering your wisdom to others in your field, when you’re asked. Helping out a colleague is a win-win; your colleague gets some needed advice, and your own ego gets a little shine, too.

Giving and receiving business wisdom builds strong businesses and strong business relationships. Pass it on!

Photo © Sondem