The Demise of Paper May Be Greatly Exaggerated

Predicted more than twenty years ago, the paperless office was hailed as the modern solution for document storage and security. Yet there are still reams of printed paper generated every day, filed in millions – maybe billions – of file folders, in offices across the country. Why does paper persist?

The American Forest and Paper Association cites a number of reasons for the continued demand for paper documents, such as:

  • No paper document has ever been hacked by a computer virus.
  • Paper documents are readable without electricity or internet service.
  • Without ongoing maintenance, digital storage media degrades much faster than well-stored paper (the oldest papyrus in existence dates to 2600 B.C.).

It’s true that digital document storage can save office space and allow for easy location and fast retrieval of any file. Nonetheless, we still cling to our paper, as this AFPA survey shows: And with a well-designed high density storage system, we can have our paper and save on space too – the best of both worlds.


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