Your Gift from the IRS: The Equipment Purchase Deduction

As the song says, “It’s that time of year,” time to take advantage of Section 179, the tax rule that allows you to deduct the full purchase price of business equipment, up to $25,000. New equipment put into service before December 31st can be deducted from your business’s gross income under Section 179. It’s that simple. And everything we provide – high density storage systems, RFID systems, materials handling equipment, for example – qualifies for the deduction.

More good news: When you add in depreciation, the total tax reduction is even greater. This calculator shows the savings: Check with your tax professional, then give us a call.


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Adaptability – Any Way You Arrange It, It Spells Success

Any biologist will tell you that adaptable species are the ones that survive. Similarly, space planners know that an adaptable office environment is the one in which employees don’t just survive, they thrive. And as employees thrive, so do the businesses they work for. New research by Steelcase [] shows that productivity calls for a balance between collaborative space and private space. The ideal office environment will adapt easily, allowing for both collaboration and privacy for a varying number of employees as work teams grow or shrink and staffing needs shift.

The dinosaurs didn’t adapt well, but businesses today are finding ways to avoid the fate of T. rex by installing modular, adaptable workspaces, and surviving with style.


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