Color Strip Labels


To achieve accurate filing with visual and computer controls, implement color coded strip labels.  Use any standard color inkjet or laser printer to produce labels that include color-coding and defines how files will sequence in filing systems.  By incorporating color coding, RFID, bar coding, and text sections you will give your business multiple ways to identify and find files, plus indexing redundancy for efficient and accurate filing. Printing labels and originating new folders is fast, easy and inexpensive.

File Folder Color Coding guides you to the right location – right away

Color coded file information provides a powerful visual control for efficient filing and misfile Conrail. Alphanumeric (A-Z and 0-9) characters are assigned unique colors to index primary information (such as file name or number) and secondary information (such as type or year of file).  The colors form patterns when viewed on open style shelving. Users are guided to the right file location at a glance. Entire systems can be visually audited for misfiles in a matter of moments.

Want more on the label? Add an embedded RFID tag, custom text, or bar codes.

Printing color coded labels is fast and easy on any standard office color inkjet or laser printer.

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