Storing Spare Parts for Facilities Infrastructure

Facilities managers know time is of the essence. Whether it’s a burned-out light bulb or a burst pipe, repairs have to happen fast. Supplies of spare parts, strategically distributed around the facility, allow for quick response. But where and how are these spare parts stored?

Writing in FacilitiesNet, Frank Murphy, CPMM, recommends analyzing the unique needs of the facility before deciding on storage. Do you have an older building requiring hard-to-find spare parts? Are there a number of buildings spread over a campus? With a needs analysis in hand, a facilities manager can then allocate storage space in optimal locations, and choose the right storage fixtures for the job, whether it’s a high density system to keep many spare parts in a compact area, or an adaptive modular system for frequent changes, or a heavy duty rack system for industrial parts. With ready access and a sufficient parts inventory, you can be prepared for the next broken HVAC unit, or faulty circuit board, or broken door handle, or any of the thousand things that facilities managers deal with every day. Read the complete story at .


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