Stationary Shelving

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Since 1981, our experience has been providing practical solutions to save space, increase productivity and reduce operating costs. Thousands of successful applications testify to the reliability and craftsmanship of our installations. The multiple system options and wide range of accessories we offer guarantee flexibility and adaptability but the ultimate, never-ending commitment is to service – to respond creatively and comprehensively to your shelving and storage needs.

We offer a variety of shelving systems: 4-Post, Case-Type, and Cantilever with a singular objective: cost-effective storage and filing in less space.


Store office supplies, files, computer media and even telecommuter personal effects on flexible, configurable shelving.


Enhance productivity and organize storage in nearly every area within a healthcare facility by utilizing flexible, configurable shelving.


Utilize stationary cantilever or case-style shelving to house books, periodicals, and a full range of other media.

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Store all of the latest media formats with versatile media storage systems. Capacity ranges, adjustable drawers and shelf heights, and easy re-configuring provide flexibility to accommodate the newest media formats.


From heavy-duty and wide-span shelving to pallet racks, satisfy a full range of hand- or truck-loaded materials storage needs.


Solid wood shelving provides long-lasting beauty in any setting. Wood shelf dividers or angled periodical shelving can be added to enhance the ease-of-use.

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The high cost of space in today’s facilities puts a premium on efficient storage. Facility Management Professionals demand a storage solution that reduces cost and raises productivity. Heavy Duty Stationary Shelving is that solution. Designed expressly for the special filing requirements of heavy objects, Heavy-Duty Shelving economically retains and protects these valuable assets and allows quick and easy access.

To hold the weight of required items, select extra heavy gauge steel in manufactured shelves, shelf supports and reinforcements. Open shelf filing allows folders to be clearly visible for quick and easy retrieval. Units can have multiple levels for maximum file storage per square foot, while keeping files and items within easy reach.

Heavy-Duty shelving combines the strength and efficiency needed to meet the special storage requirements of documents and records.

  • No externally exposed holes – crisp, clean contemporary appearance.
  • Wedge-locking double rivet design – strength and rigidity without nuts or bolts.
  • No exposed hardware – diminishes file damage.
  • Easy access to X-rays – no time consuming drawers to open and close.
  • Strength and rigidity – field-proven for mobile or compact applications.
  • Furniture quality finish – looks great even after years of heavy use.

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