Rotary Filing Cabinets

Put a new spin on your storage system with Rotary Storage Cabinets. Rotary units are actually a cabinet-within-a-cabinet, the inner unit spins, enabling the user to access twice the amount of media in half the space.


Key Features

Security – Units spin to close, locking all the files safely inside.

Accessibility – Units can be accessed from either side, making them perfect as a room divider.

Customization – Units accommodate a variety of storage needs. Rotary storage cabinets offer multimedia drawers for CDs, DVDs, microfilm and more. We also provide storage drawers, hanging folder drawers, posting shelves, pass through shelves and more.

Expansion – Units can be expanded to the left or the right by simply removing the side panel. Rotary filing cabinets provide 312% more files per square foot than traditional filing systems!

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