Personnel Duty Lockers


Duty lockers are one of the most requested items in the renovation or construction of Law Enforcement facilities. The unit has recently been redesigned to meet the rigorous demands of Law Enforcement personnel.  Roomy compartments allow constant airflow, and facilitate the drying and odor venting of clothing and footwear. This locker provides special attention to body armor.  The top, bottom, sides and hinges are constructed of durable 14 gauge steel with 16 gauge shelves and reinforced doors.

Personnel Wardrobe Lockers are a great addition to any locker room. The Personnel Wardrobe Locker is constructed of 16 gauge steel, so it’s also a very durable unit. The doors do feature louvers to allow airflow.


All models are available in a variety of sizes. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and to receive pricing and specifications.

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