Multi-Media Cabinets

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SYSTEMATICS offers a broad selection of storage applications which include multi media shelving and cabinets. These high-density and high-capacity storage products are designed for all types of media formats and can be tailored to each customer’s specific media application. Rely on SYSTEMATICS to provide the best storage solutions to fit your media storage needs.

SYS-Multi-MediaStoragePic4(1) [image]-SYS Multi Media Storage PromediaShelving
Rolled Film Storage Plastic Compressors Media Shelving

Various styles and options are available to store multi-media items.

[image]SYS Rotary SYS-Multi-MediaStoragePic15 [image]-SYS High Density Shelving
Rotary Fire Proof High Density

Rotary Cabinets – Rotary files offer a high capacity storage option that can be placed virtually anywhere they are needed. The shelving features an attractive door that when rotated reveals the items stored within. The space-saving design allows units to be placed within inches of a wall or work surface. They can be easily relocated and expanded.

Modular – Fully assembled files, pedestals and bookcases offer instantaneous storage solutions. Flexible drawer and shelf layouts and a range of sizes provide front-to-back or side-to-side filing, cabinet or bookcase storage or a combination. Flexibility, accessories and a rainbow of colors make them a smart choice.

Fire Proof – Use data safes to protect critical records and data storage media from moisture, humidity, magnetic fields and fire.  Vertical and lateral fireproof file cabinets, which feature strength and insulation, provide greater capacity while protecting from fire, heat and falling debris.   Data safes and cabinets have been endorsed by the leading independent testing labs and are classified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Choose from a wide range of sizes and storage capacities.

High Density – Choose from a wide selection of multimedia cabinets and save up to 50% of floor space and improve access over traditional methods.  Designed to save space and built to last.

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