Lateral Sliding Filing Storage Systems

Modular sliding storage and file shelving systems slide back and forth on tracks or rails to provide double depth storage.  Commonly referred to as Bi-file shelving, the sliding shelving consists of two or three rows of shelving. The front shelf sections slide back and forth on tracks allowing access to the back rows of stationary shelving. The result is a dramatic increase storage capacity. Bi-file shelving stores the greatest number of items in the smallest floor space, with dramatic improvements in organization, convenience and appearance.

Lateral Sliding Filing Systems can more than double storage capacity by converting stationary files into movable systems that require just a fraction of the original floor space. A unique design eliminates fixed aisles between shelves that reduce retrieval time while increasing user efficiency. Just a simple push of the hand effortlessly moves files to the side to access information stored in the rear.



Tracks can be added to accommodate future storage requirements.


Easy Operation

Heavy-duty carriages and specifically-engineered rubber stops ensure a smooth-rolling movement for the system. Units feature ball bearing construction and four wheels per carriage.



Systems easy accommodate the storage of files, red rope folders, accordion folders, CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes and more.  Systems are compatible with most stationary shelving products.

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