High Density Shelving

Maximize your storage systems using high-density mobile shelving systems. When you eliminate wasted aisle space you will either double your existing storage capacity or free up space for other functional areas.  Systems are available in manual, mechanically assisted or powered models and offer a range of safety and security features.  How would you use the space you save?  Want some ideas?

High Density Filing

Make intelligent use of your storage space and improve filing efficiency. Moveable storage shelving systems can effectively double document storage capacity in your existing area or reduce floor space requirements by 50%!  How would you use the space you save?

Our complete line includes electrical, mechanical assist (hand crank) or manual high-density storage systems. Solutions are available from the leading mobile storage manufactures in the U. S. delivering Choice, Convenience, and Capacity.

Powered systems offer ease of use and protection for all of your stored assets. When the job is large or demands security, powered systems provide safeguards, fire protection and user safety with one-touch operation. Mechanically assisted systems feature ergonomically designed handles offering ease of movement no matter what the weight load. Manual systems provide an economical option for smaller storage applications.

Eliminate the Need for Fixed Aisles


By mounting high density storage systems on wheeled carriages that run on tracks, you eliminate the need for fixed aisles due to the fact that the shelving is mounted on moveable carriages that ride on a sturdy leveled rail system.

You simply push a button or turn a handle to open an aisle where you want it. With mobile shelving, the aisle can be opened up when and where it’s needed.  The newly created aisle allows access to the stored products.

The result is 100% greater file storage capacity or 50% space reduction. As an innovator in storage design – from office applications to government secure storage to new ideas in warehouse storage, we will design the shelving storage system that is best for your organization’s needs.


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