Fire Proof Files

If it’s important enough to save, keep it in a fireproof cabinet.

SYSTEMATICS provides a full line of fireproof file cabinets and safes to fit every organization’s requirement, space constraints, and budgets.

[image]- SYS Fire Proof FilesSince 1981, SYSTEMATICS has been helping to protect vital assets of organizations using industry leading fireproof files and safes.  The fire resistant filing cabinet lines from SYSTEMATICS are the most failsafe fire protective cabinets made today.   SYSTEMATICS provides commercial and residential customers with the highest level of Security, Fire Protection & Affordability.

From our most popular fireproof vertical file line to the industry changing water resistant cabinets, SYSTEMATICS has become synonymous with providing the highest craftsmanship and dependability and we remain a trusted advisor in vital records management and protection.

SYS-FireProofFilesPic5[image]-SYS Multi Media StorageSYS-FireProofFilesPic6

Are You Protected? Did you know that 90% of all businesses that suffer a catastrophic fire and lose their vital records go out of business within two years?  How long do you think paper records will last in a standard metal file cabinet at 800°F? Or how much information will you be able to retrieve when media has been soaked in water? It’s not just fire, but the resulting heat, smoke and water that must be guarded against, too. SYSTEMAATICS provides quality insulated files that provide guaranteed protection against these elements for paper, diskettes, tape cartridges, CDs and all other forms of media in today’s workplace. Protect your vital records before it’s too late – he average business fire burns at approximately 800°F and peaks within 10-15 minutes.

Gain peace of mind – knowing you are protected in the event of a disaster. Protecting your vital records against fire, impact, explosion and water is our number one priority. With proven BEST DESIGN, APPEARANCE & PROTECTION – SYSTEMATICS is leading this marketplace with SUPERIOR QUALITY, DELIVERY & CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

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