Box Shelving & Archive Records Storage

Box Storage Shelving and Archival Record Box shelving provides an organized, space efficient solution to managing the archival records boxes in your organization. From space savings and quick and easy access, to protecting documents and the people who access them, box storage shelving can help you maximize the use of your floor space.


Inactive Record Filing

Implement archival file storage to maximize storage density and minimize storage expenses. Shelving systems can be used in single-shelving installations, multi-level shelving or high rises, and in a variety of configurations. Shelves come in multiple sizes to store a wide array of archive boxes. The number of shelves and shelf spaces can be adapted to match your needs and objectives.

Our shelving, with high strength beaded posts and our incredibly strong and thrifty Rivet-Span® systems, has a proven record of value and durability in thousands of installations worldwide.  Mobile storage systems are also an alternative to archival storage needs.

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Whatever you need to store, we have the products to store it. Whether your record center is a high cube warehouse, underground vault, single or multiple story building, or an on-site area in your existing facility, we have the products to fit it.

SYSTEMATICS has built its business on partnering with manufacturers who produce products of high quality and value. The list of quality products includes industrial storage equipment, office storage equipment, library shelving and grocery store checkout systems. But SYSTEMATICS is more than just a provider of shelving products. Since 1981 we’ve earned a reputation for outstanding service and responsive on-time delivery that we continue to work hard to maintain.

Our unique storage systems can be used in a variety of applications such as retail display, medical records and x-ray storage, retail backroom storage, distribution centers, auto parts storage, mobile work stations in a repair shop, and workstations in a distribution center.  These are only a few examples of applications that can be used with our storage products.

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