Art, Textile & Collection Storage Systems

Art and Textile storage racks can save you valuable floor space while providing proper storage for framed art and keeping objects secure. Artwork, paintings, rolled textiles, and historical pictures hang from wire mesh panels that roll or slide back in forth to conserve floor space. The wire mesh hanging art panels provide ventilation for proper air circulation to protect corporate or private collections. Art storage racks can be customized to include both textile storage and art rack panels.

Art racks can be fixed or sliding and offer individual storage and uncompromised access. By utilizing double sided racks, hanging surface is maximized while also providing the required ventilation. Artwork, paintings and historical pictures hang from both sides of the panels and are protected from damage by the mesh panels that separate the art from one another.  SYSTEMATICS provides patented safety hooks designed to prevent movement and vibration. Store more than artwork and paintings. Look to SYSTEMATICS for storing art and artifacts and textiles on high density carriages also.

[image]-SYS-Art Storage RacksSYS-ArtStorageRacksPic4

By incorporating art or hanging racks for rolled textile storage on high density carriages you will store the same amount of material as stationary racks in almost ½ of the floor space. The benefit to you is less space required for collection storage.

[image art storage][image art storage]

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