Project Management

Developing a records retention schedule, designing an automated records retrieval system, implementing a file conversion, building a central file room are all very different projects. Each, however, will benefit from the discipline of SYSTEMATICS project management professionals.

Projects have a defined starting point and defined objectives by which completion is identified.Most projects are time-limited, goal-directed, and is a major undertaking requiring the commitment of varied skills and resources from both the client and SYSTEMATICS.

SYSTEMATICS project managers work to integrate all components of the project and keep them in proper relation to one another.  Specifically, SYSTEMATICS project managers follow the elements required for project success:

  • Scope
  • Schedule
  • Cost
  • Procurement/Contracting
  • Risk
  • Quality
  • Communications
  • Staffing

The SYSTEMATICS team focuses on the common project elements throughout the project lifecycle. A project manager is assigned for every professional services project.

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