Imaging Services

Rely on SYSTEMATICS as your source to oversee your electronic imaging project. Our experienced professionals will prepare your files by identifying, indexing, and separating documents. SYSTEMATICS will then convert documents into electronic images by scanning off-site or at your location.

Not sure what you need or where to start? Ask yourself the following questions and then call 800-229-8393 to request a FREE imaging whitepaper to learn more.

  • What documents do you want to image?
  • What is the retrieval rate of these documents?
  • How often are they accessed?
  • How many people access these documents?
  • What do you see as the benefits of having these documents available electronically?

Document imaging is a method of transforming paper into easily retrievable electronic files that can be shared across an organization, permitting simultaneous use, and increasing employee productivity significantly. Studies have shown that the average document in an organization is photocopied 19 times, with 25% of the filing time for that document being spent in walking to and from the photocopier. Electronic documents can be accessed immediately worldwide, and can be easily printed right at the user’s desktop eliminating all that wasted time.

Let SYSTEMATICS work with you to increase productivity by up to 20-30%.

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