File System Purge

Do you need to remove inactive files from an active file room to make more room for incoming files? SYSTEMATICS will complete a file purge to remove inactive files from an active file storage room (based on current retention schedules) which leaving more space for active files in shelving. Purges are typically performed annually but may be done quarterly due to restricted space. Monthly contracts are available, please inquire.

Our promise is simple and trusted by thousands of customers. We will provide you with the highest quality document management services available and a dedication to servicing your every filing, scanning, or shredding need.

If you are considering handling these activities in-house, talk with us. In-house is never what you think it is. It involves:

  • Document Preparation,
  • Document Scanning
  • Quality Assurance for both Quantity and Quality
  • Indexing
  • Document Classification
  • Backing up to CD

Tell me more about File System Purge. Call 800-229-8393 to get in touch with SYSTEMATICS now!