File System Organization

In today’s work environment, the way a document is created, shared, and stored is more complicated than ever before.  There are retention issues, privacy issues, litigation issues, and much more to consider.  We can help to prioritize your needs, recommend a comprehensive solution, and provide the products and services you require – all from a single source.

The migration of a document through an organization can involve thousands of references, various levels of activity, and years of retention. SYSTEMATICS understands that managing the document life cycle can be taxing for any organization, and we can help to control these business processes to make you more productive.

  • Not sure what you need or where to begin?
  • Are you worried about applying retention to your documents?
  • Maybe you’re spending too much time and resources on archiving off site documents?
  • Curious where your files are at all times?
  • Do new regulatory processes have you concerned or confused?

We can help. Schedule a review of your business process or gather detailed information on any of our service offerings by asking an expert now.

  • Records & Information Management
  • Records Management Policy Design
  • Records & Information Management Planning
  • Database Development
  • Retention Policy & Management
  • Workflow Planning & Design
  • Electronic Document Review & Management
  • Records Management Training Seminars
  • Archive Procedures Planning & Design
  • Business Process Review and Development

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