File Relocation & Move Services

If your company is planning to relocate to a new facility or reorganizing your infrastructure, it will require preparation. Systematics can help you to plan early, by providing an opportunity to evaluate and enhance current information management processes, filing and storage systems and record management technologies. We begin by updating or creating a record inventory to ensure that all data is accounted for before and after the relocation or reorganization.


Since 1981, SYSTEMATICS has worked with thousands of customers to handle their file relocation needs including mapping record locations, sequencing and labeling each series,unloading, transporting, and reloading shelves; and conducting a final inventory to ensure an accurate transfer.

Our certified staff will secure all confidential documents during the move and allow only authorized personnel or outside professionals to handle those records. Staff will identify and secure adequate and appropriate storage at the new location or in the existing facility to create space efficiencies, ease of accessibility and record security.

SYSTEMATICS will work with you to customize and implement an approach that best fits your organization’s business needs. If your company is planning a consolidation and centralization, we can help you evaluate how effectively space will be managed to accommodate existing and newly integrated record and information inventories.

Rely on SYSTEMATICS as your business partner to develop or streamline a retention or destruction policy which will reduce file volume to further maximize your space.

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