Document Preparation for Imaging

A growing body of case law has shown that many companies are not meeting their obligations for electronic record-keeping.  In today’s competitive and charged environment of direct and negative consequences for compliance failures and heightened scrutiny by stakeholders, it’s evident that there are serious and potentially devastating consequences of poor records management.

Be organized and plan ahead so projects are completed on time.

Often the largest costs involved in a scanning project centers around the document preparation process. It’s labor intensive and there’s no way to get around that.  A review of your documents should reveal how many paper clips and staples need to be removed and help you gauge the scope of work to be done.

The other part of document prep is separation. If you want one 5” binder to be a single searchable PDF, then little document prep is required. However, if you want each file folder in a four drawer cabinet to be a single PDF, then document prep time will obviously increase according to the number of file folders. If you need to reassemble the documents and return them to their original state this will also add to the overall project cost.

What are the ways to help reduce costs in a scanning project?  The best way is to have a clear plan on what you want to accomplish.  Once the plan is developed, another way to drive down cost is to handle the document prep in your office. We can supply you with separator sheets and bar code labels to insert during the preparation phase. Our professional services specialists will be there to assist you every step of the way.

SYSTEMATICS will work with you to complete a full assessment of the amount of document prep as you plan ahead will help your project succeed.

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