Virtual Labels Color Coded Label Printing Software

Virtual Labels is available as a stand alone label printing package or bundled with the purchase of the SYSTEMATICS Asset Management solution. The label design template allows customers to have a label created around their specific requirements and labels can be printed by the end user or by SYSTEMATICS. We also provide the patent pending “RFID+File Label” solution for customers looking for immediate and future RFID implementations.

[image] - Court Labels [image] - Medical Record Labels [image] Contracts Labels
Sample Courts Label Sample Medical Records Label Sample Contracts Label

Label and eForm printing is available on demand, anytime, anywhere, and by unlimited simultaneous users.

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Features & Benefits

  • Save time and costs by producing and applying one label rather than many.
  • Easy-to-use with intuitive data entry screens and simple data import routines.
  • Improve accuracy by avoiding human preparation and application errors.
  • Increase productivity by streamlining file folder origination.
  • Print labels when you need them from unlimited computers at no additional cost.
  • Internet deployment eliminates need to install or maintain software on user machines.
  • Print using any laser, ink jet, or thermal printer and any approved material.
  • Match the colors and positioning of your existing colorcoded filing system.
  • Eliminate the need to purchase and store bulky pre-labeled folders or individual labels on sheets or rolls.