Tracking Massachusetts Assets

Easily Track State Agency Assets with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

MASSTrac allows Massachusetts Agencies to have complete control over all vital assets (paper and image-based information, physical assets, and inventory). MASSTrac helps eliminate lost assets throughout the inventory management process. MASSTrac is fully integrated with color and bar code label print systems and document imaging products, providing complete turnkey records and information management solutions. Learn More


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RFID Made Easy

Enhance your High Density Systems today with MASSTrac.

If you can tag it, you can track it with MASSTrac. Enjoy the benefits of automated asset management and inventory for all state agency assets. Don’t spend time manually conducting annual inventory, use MASSTrac instead. Toss out those hand written and Excel spreadsheets and use the convenience of a hand held RFID reader to complete automated inventory processes.

This is truly RFID Made Easy! Call 800-229-8393 for more information. For a detailed RFID Readiness Assessment, submit your request and a RFID specialist will contact you immediately.

MASSTrac – Makes Finding and Tracking Assets Fast and Easy! Say you “saw it on the web” for special incentives!