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SAM Labels PLUS is your bridge to comprehensive data based records management. Moving up to SAM Plus will allow you to hold and store all record data that is in existence currently and all record data that will be created moving forward.

It’s the next step in a comprehensive strategy and while it offers advanced records functionality, it is available at entry level pricing.

Turn your simple label design and print system into a comprehensive data driven records management tool simply by enabling PLUS on your SAM Labels account.

In addition to all of the functionality of SAM Labels, SAM Labels PLUS will

  • Store and make searchable all records data
  • Enable Batch Reprint of any chosen labels at any time
  • Create data driven dynamic reports from your record data
  • Allow batch export of records data for use in other applications
  • Allow a switch of label templates based on a user defined field
  • Create user defined location and status fields to create basic tracking
  • Introduce non label records fields to further customize useful information in your filing system to a structured data scheme
  • That’s right, with SAM Plus, as you are storing your record data and creating your color coded labels you can also be compiling useful information to effectively manage your records.

This is how easy it is…the top menu bar is clear and concise:SAM-Plus-Menu-Bar

Searchable Index – SAM Labels Plus will automatically enter your label data to its secure data base, without asking you to do anything but print the labels. SAM Labels stores your data while you create labels. It will also search its database before it adds record data, to ensure that duplicates are not being created. SAM then makes the index searchable by utilizing dynamic linking of index values, which means you can simply click on any index value and SAM will re-search it’s entire index for every record that contains that value. Show Index

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That includes both Location and Status, which will allow users to conduct regular records inventories, simply by clicking a location to see all records in that location.

If you are looking at archiving, scanning or storing records, simply ask SAM to show you the status which will allow you to quickly and easily compile lists that can translate to savings of time and money as your work with your records.

SAM also provides a customizable search form that utilizes “dynamic dropdown” technology that will automatically start compiling and presenting choices as you enter data. SAm knows what’s in it’s database, that means you can know too.


On The Fly Column Mapping_Show Dropdownsclick image to enlarge


Batch Import of Records Data – SAM Labels PLUS adds dynamic column mapping to it’s batch import functionality. That’s right if you have data files that contain records information nested with non-records information or data elements that are not useful, simply map the useful data into the proper column, and discard fields that are not related to the operation of the records system.

You can perform this on the fly, eliminating time consuming formatting of your data files and allowing you to call the shots of what, when and how you import information to SAM Labels PLUS. And SAM Labels is going run that data on import, and find duplicates and eliminate them.

Examples of Batch processing functions:

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Batch Update Form
Batch Add Records Batch Reprint

Dynamic Reporting of Record Information – If you can search on it, SAM Labels PLUS can report on it. Seriously, if you want to create a report, simply search and compile a list of records you want to report on. That’s it, it’s in your hands. Name the report the way you like, in a manner which will allow you to reference it later, add notes your reports that describe the report the way you want to describe it.

But that’s not all. Our integrated viewer will allow you to redact or highlight portions of the report or add sticky notes to the report. That’s right these aren’t just static lists of text or dead end HTML pages, no when you compile a Report and save it, you are compiling an interactive PDF that let’s you not only refer to the information in the report, that’s right they are saved in SAM Labels PLUS, but it allows you to interact with the information and download the PDF’s right to your hardrive.

Reports TabReports Tab
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View Report

View Reports
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Name Report

Naming Report

Add Notes_Report

Add Notes – Report

Batch Export of Record Data – SAM Labels Plus will also allow an export of record data directly from it’s database in the exact same way that it allows you to create Reports. Are you send records out to storage? Simply locate your storage records, add a box number if you like, then create detailed inventories to your storage vendor and change the location of those records to “Storage”. Batch Export Dialog

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Do you have a retention policy for those records that will remind you to request that they be destroyed? SAM Labels PLUS will take care of that for you. Sending records out to scan? Perfect! SAM Labels will allow you to export detailed indexing information for use in the scanning process to REDUCE INDEXING COSTS. Whatever you do with your records, SAM Labels PLUS will keep track of it and as you return to it again it and again it will return on your investment in using it. SAM Labels PLUS is designed to start saving you time and money, the moment you begin using it.

Printing and Reprinting

Do you have to reprint labels from time to time? Perhaps you bring records forward year over year, or you have a dynamic filing system where a change in a record status requires a change in the label design or the type of label you are using for that record.

No problem! SAM labels has an advanced “switching feature” that is keyed to the field of your choosing to allow you to utilize your existing data in your existing project to render an alternate label or an alternate group of labels.

That’s right, no more moving data from one label to another to simply meet an alternate requirement. Gather the affected records into a search, create a list, batch update those labels to your new status or location, or whatever and they will immediately be ready to print a new batch of labels for the affected records. Immediately with no further action on the users part. Simply batch those labels into a print queue and you’re ready to go.

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Print Preview

Print Preview

Print Labels As PDF

Print Labels As PDF

Acrobat Print Dialog Box

Acrobat Print Dialog Box

Batch Updating through customizable forms – SAM Labels knows that you sometimes you are working with a single record and some times you are working with a whole set of records that have met a criteria and now must be updated. Simply identify your serviceable process and SAM Labels PLUS can present a form that will allow update of only eligible fields of data.

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Add Single Record Form

Add Single Record Form

Moving records from one location to another, let SAM do it. Simply locate your eligible records, compile them to a list, edit the relevant data and with the press of single button update 1, 10, 100, 1000 or more records quickly and precisely based on approved database values that you design to service your unique requirements.

SAM Labels PLUS is your gateway to a comprehensive strategy. SAM Labels can be accessed by any device with an Internet connection, PC’s, Laptops, Smart Phones or Tablets. SAM Labels is Browser independent and OS agnostic. What does that mean? We don’t care what you want to use to access SAM Labels PLUS, that’s your call, our part is making it available to you, when you want, where you want and how you want.

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