Police Storage Rooms: A Treasury of The Unexpected

If you’ve watched the TV show “CSI,” you know that the police property room can play a vital role in establishing guilt or innocence. Proper storage – climate control, contamination control, and custody — is an essential part of a well-run property room. Occasionally, however, property room managers have to find storage for unexpected items, far beyond the usual blood samples and weapons.

In Sarasota Springs, Florida, for example, a tour of the property room uncovers:

  • A statue of the Virgin Mary
  • An odd-shaped sculpture affectionately known as “Dominick.”
  • A stone lawn jockey

In Los Angeles, the UCLA campus police are storing, among all the lost purses and unidentified dorm keys:

  • Frozen poisoned fish
  • A bicycle with a hidden sword

The Los Angeles Police Department has equally odd items:

  • A stuffed armadillo
  • Fruit and nuts
  • Garden hoses and fishing rods

Police departments have to keep track of everything stored, and maintain it all in exactly the same condition it was received. This is where the storage experts come in, with custody-tracking systems and high density storage that can accommodate all the odd shapes, sizes, and types of property or evidence that is collected as part of a case.

No matter what is stored, each item tells a story. We’d love to hear the story behind the poisoned fish, and we’d love to hear about your unusual storage challenges too. Let us know what your story is!


Photo © Minerva Studio/Fotolia.com