No Country For Old Soldiers

The nation was shocked when an investigation into claims delays in the Department of Veterans Affairs brought to light the VA’s dysfunctional management of its records. One office was near to collapse from the weight of paper files stacked floor to the ceiling, and clerks had to climb ladders to reach files that, as often as not, weren’t the ones they needed. The average claim took nearly nine months to process.

Now there’s good news. Thanks in part to a new high-density filing system that allowed files to be stored in less space and in a more organized manner, VA employees no longer have to climb ladders, and they know exactly where to look for any particular file. The VA’s stated goal is to reduce the nine-month wait to three months by the end of 2015. Along with new electronic claims forms instituted last year, the VA’s high-density filing system is making a molehill out of a mountain. See the before-and-after video here:


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