Military Boots Get Marching Orders From RFID

When you’re shipping thousands of pairs of military boots each month, as combat footwear supplier Wellco does, shipping errors can get expensive; to quote a famous senator, “Pretty soon you’re talking about real money!” So when Wellco made the commitment to RFID, they jumped in with both feet.

Each and every pair of boots Wellco makes for the Air Force gets an RFID tag, while cloud-based software tracks the order. RFID scanners identify and verify the contents of shipping cartons, and further down the line, additional RFID tags identify the cartons assembled on pallets, adding another layer of order verification. In this story in “RFID Journal,” Senior Network Administrator David Mason reports greater fulfillment efficiency and a considerable reduction in expensive order errors. Wellco’s ingenious use of RFID has them marching all the way to the bank.