Overcrowding and budget constraints can rob you of crucial storage space. More importantly, limited space can lead to disorganization, which often undermines security and accountability.

At SYSTEMATICS, New England’s leader in government solutions since 1981, we’re experts at reconfiguring existing space or maximizing space in a new facility. Count on us to help you overcome the challenges of an overburdened system and regain control using highly secure and organized storage systems.

We answer the call for help with complete design services, including a thorough onsite needs analysis and both standardized and best-fit custom storage. Our products meet the highest standards of durability and offer reliable long-term storage and protection of your indispensable and wide-ranging items, from documents to software tracking to supplies.

We are uncompromising in our quest to provide complete customer satisfaction, best value solutions and outstanding product quality.

Storing Everything:

Like thumbprints, no two storage requirements are exactly alike. So how do we develop a system that solves your challenges? We prepare for the myriad of options your agencies encounter and many of our manufacturers have GSA and state contracts. We understand how to organize and account for everything your agencies are required to store, now and years from now, no matter how long they need to store it.

Flexible Storage Everything Fits!

  • Records & Files
  • Weapons
  • Armory
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Linens and Laundry
  • Bulk Food Supplies
  • Tools
  • Books, Tapes & Video
  • RFID file and item tracking
  • Mail Center
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High Density Mobile Storage Personnel Lockers Modular Cabinetry
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Workplace Storage Weapons Storage Console Furniture

Will your fire department be the next to answer the call? And will your fire equipment storage help you reach victims in time, or will it hold you back?


Speed through high-capacity organization, how fire fighters benefit from high capacity storage
With only seconds to react after the fire bell sounds, firefighters don’t have time to waste scrambling for misplaced or missing equipment. Every tool needed must reside in a centralized location to save time and potentially lives. Dressing order should be a firefighter’s only concern; the fire department storage should handle the rest.Respond faster with centralized storage for all your gear.

But these brave men and women do not pack lightly: full-body personal protective equipment, helmets, oxygen tanks, axes, industrial hoses, the works. Traditional storage lacks the shelf-by-shelf spatial and weight capacities necessary to concentrate all this gear into one location.

To respond to emergencies with speed and preparedness, fire stations require either versatile static shelving like Montel’s SmartShelf® units or sturdy, high-density mobile storage installations like mechanical-assist Mobilex solutions. Collapsible storage modules compact equipment storage by 50 percent and can be opened quickly by hand when the alarms sound, no matter how fully loaded the units.

Mobile shelving compresses storage space so significantly, fire departments can relocate equipment to areas in their firehouses most conducive to a speedy response time, areas they may have ignored in the past because of tight quarters. Every second counts, after all.


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