From Museum Storage to Exhibition: The Story of an Artifact’s Travelling Companion

You may have sat next to one of them on a transatlantic flight, or walked behind one of them on the way to baggage claim, or stood in line with one of them at Customs. You didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, but these people were members of an exclusive and little-known clan: the art couriers. When museums loan their fine art or rare historical artifacts to other museums, they call on the services of professional art couriers to accompany the items from storage to exhibition venue. Each courier develops specialized skills; for example, Lynn Grant, who wrote this story:, is a rigging expert and is often hired to travel with heavy, bulky artifacts.

As Grant points out, it seems like a glamorous job, but if you’ve ever experienced a delayed flight or a visa issue, imagine how the problems would multiply if you were responsible for the safe arrival of priceless works of art. Nevertheless, for art experts with itchy feet, it can be an ideal career.


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