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Greening Your Office? Provide Bike Storage

Sustainability has become a part of office policies everywhere. Paper is recycled; energy usage is monitored; space-saving storage and furnishings are installed. Many businesses are now looking at additional ways to go green, and bicycle commuting is one of the options they are embracing. Here’s how businesses in some cities are encouraging their employees to ride

Your Gift from the IRS: The Equipment Purchase Deduction

As the song says, “It’s that time of year,” time to take advantage of Section 179, the tax rule that allows you to deduct the full purchase price of business equipment, up to $25,000. New equipment put into service before December 31st can be deducted from your business’s gross income under Section 179. It’s that

Public Bicycle Storage Recycles An Idea From Retail Bike Shops

New York-based Manifesto Architecture is transforming sidewalk bicycle storage for urban cyclists with a colorful vertical storage system that looks like modern sculpture. Cyclists hang their bikes on the hooks at the base of a vertical conveyor belt, then hop on the system’s stationary bike to move the rack upwards using pedal power: Of course,