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The Year in Review – A Storage Knowledgebase

The new year is almost here, full of exciting possibilities and the fruition of well-executed plans. It’s also a great opportunity to consider the knowledge gained in the previous 365 days. With that in mind, here’s a selection of our most popular posts of 2016.   The Ultimate Document Management Guide Tracking and storing reams

Moving to High Density Storage? 5 Tips for Success

Congratulations! Your company has just acquired a sleek, compact high density storage system to replace that bulky, unattractive space hog of a “filing farm.” Now what? How do you organize that new system to reap the maximum benefits for you, your co-workers, and the business? Use your imagination – Close your eyes and imagine where

A Tax Deduction To Give Thanks For – The Sec. 179 Rule

It happens every year around this time – the season for end-of-year tax deductions. The Section 179 tax rule gives businesses an opportunity to write off as much as $500,000 in new and used equipment costs. Equipment or software purchased and put into service by December 31st is deducted from your business’s gross income –

A Better Filing System to Increase “Me” Time

Most of us want better work-life balance, and most of us feel we are failing miserably. Time management is key to work-life balance, and office organization is a big part of the “work” side of the work-life equation. Royale Scuderi, writing in, gives tips for organizing your office to give yourself more lifestyle time.

How Office Clutter Affects Your Creativity

A recent study by Kathleen Vohs at the University of Minnesota discovered that messiness may actually assist the creative process. Disordered spaces seem to encourage people to think outside the box. In direct contrast is author Marie Kondo’s recommendation that you throw out anything you don’t absolutely love – minimize to the max. Can your

Still Using Paper in Your Business? Manage the Risks

In the mid-90’s, management experts predicted the end of paper. Twenty years later, we’re using more paper than ever. Do paper files put your business at risk? The American Forest and Paper Association cites a number of reasons for the continued demand for paper documents: No paper document has ever been hacked by a computer

The Ultimate Document Management Guide

When the high-tech office became a reality 20 years ago, pundits predicted an end to paper documents. How wrong they were! Paper consumption has actually grown a staggering 126% in the past two decades, according to The Paperless Project. All those documents have to be stored somewhere, and if you’re among the foresighted business owners and

5 Tips to Treat Your Books Better

Got books? Maybe you’re a collector, maybe you’re a librarian, but no matter how or why you acquire books, you should know there’s a right way, and a wrong way, to shelve and handle them to keep them in perfect reading condition. The Library of Congress offers these recommendations: Clean hands, always! Keep books upright,

The $630,000 Mis-file

The Boston Public Library is one of the nation’s oldest, largest, and most respected public institutions, but when a couple of valuable art works went missing, the library’s esteemed position – and the reputations of many librarians – went under the microscope of an FBI investigation. Like other libraries and museums, Boston Public Library has

Back from the Dead Files: Vintage Police Photographs

When Los Angeles Police Department reserve officer Merrick Morton and LAPD historian Lt. John Thomas began researching historic criminology photos, they didn’t expect to find a treasure trove of stunning black-and-white images dating back to the 1920’s, stored in the vast 47,500 square foot Los Angeles City Records Center. The LAPD’s Special Investigations Division was