Watertown Police Department

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Watertown Police Department Watertown, Massachusetts Evidence & Archival Storage

Problem : During their move into a new building, the Watertown Police Department found their current freestanding shelving to be less than adequate in storage capacity for their needs. To increase their storage potential, they turned to Systematics for a solution.

Solution : The answer was three of our MobileTrak® systems that housed 4Post™ shelving.

The new systems provided plenty of storage space for the police departments evidence and archival records, as well as their current files that were accessed frequently.

With the new MobileTraks®, the Watertown Police Department now had ample capacity with room to grow and improved organization of their materials.

Systematics utilizes design programs to create 3D color renderings for customers to see exactly what their unique storage system will look like in their facility, from size and scale to color and aesthetic appeal, before the system is purchased.