Can You “Future-Proof” Your Business?

At Systematics, we’re always emphasizing the importance of flexibility and modularity in business storage and furnishings, with an eye to the future as well as present needs. As a business leader, you are constantly looking forward, and many managers have learned that proactive “future-proofing” is central to a company’s longevity. Peter Madden, writing in Green Biz, offers four ways to future-proof your business.

  1. Examine the trends that are already in place. A good example is the rapid growth of online shopping, a trend which began some years ago and is only getting bigger. Retailers should ask themselves if this is a good time to build brick-and-mortar stores. Maybe yes, maybe no.
  2. Develop scenarios of what might come to pass, taking into account pre-existing trends. For example, if major shippers shift to deliveries by drones, how will that affect the logistics industry? The petroleum industry? The automotive industry? Can you position your company to benefit?
  3. Look for emerging technologies. Anything that is going to be important in the next decade or two is already beginning to sprout. Remember – personal computers were dismissed as a fad 30 years ago.
  4. Direct the future yourself. Shape your company’s future and “make your own luck.”

By scanning the horizon ahead, you can lead your enterprise into the future without fear.


Photo © Bratovanov Fotolia