Your Business: What’s Sports Got To Do With It?

The U.S. is filled with sports fans of every kind. Business managers know the value of sports as a team-building exercise, but sports offers bigger lessons to those who lead the team. The careers and work habits of some of the greatest sports stars provide a template for those who seek to lead successfully. CleverTap CMO Mark Freidberg, writing in Entrepreneur Magazine, lists five ways some of his most admired sports legends serve as models for sound business practices, including:

  1. Michael Jordan – Make other people better. When the ones you lead improve their performance, everyone wins.
  2. Magic Johnson – Enjoy what you do. If you’re happy with your career, you’ll be a better leader.
  3. Jerry Rice – Practice like you play. Give it your best every day, not just the important days.
  4. Wayne Gretzky – Be forward-thinking. Watch for industry directions and trends that can give you an edge.
  5. Jackie Robinson – Change history. Business as usual isn’t always a long-term formula for success.

Business leaders who are dedicated to continuous improvement and effective leadership can take a lesson from these sports greats and lift their own teams to greatness. What are the sports principles you use to guide your business?


Photo © cristovao31 / Fotolia