Are You Playing Office Tetris?

[image]-Video Game Controller on laptop Computer

They say a rising tide lifts all boats, and as the economy continues to improve, one of those rising boats is commercial office space. Nationally, office rents rose an average of 3% in 2014, and in high-demand areas such as Texas and the Bay Area the increase was over 7%. As job growth surges, the already-low vacancy rate will continue to decline, pushing rents even higher. If you’re in the commercial real estate business, things are looking great for 2015, as Nadja Brandt reports in Businessweek: .

However, if your company is trying to accommodate a workforce expansion without a corresponding office space expansion, you may be playing “Office Tetris” – trying to fit many more desks and filing cabinets into an already crowded office. Rather than renting additional space, some fiscally prudent office managers are turning to high density storage systems and mobile reconfigurable workstations to boost the efficient use of their existing space. This video shows “Tetris cheats” for fitting many workstations into a small space: Now you can put down the game controller and get back to work.


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