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SYSTEMATICS is a leader in traditional high-technology solutions for managing records and space and uses specialy trained designers and installers to solve the client’s storage issues. Since 1981, SYSTEMATICS has been New England’s recognized industry leader for records management, storage solutions, library furniture, and information management. SYSTEMATICS is a member of national organizations expert in the design and delivery of fully-integrated and individualized high-density storage and document management solutions. SYSTEMATICS redefines Space and Information Management throughout New England with unparalleled delivery of world-class products and dynamic services.

We accomplish this by improving the way organizations protect, manage, and organize their vital assets. Innovation and comprehensive solutions are designed and implemented by highly skilled and certified staff. Contact any member of our management team by calling 1-800-229-8393.

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Tom Schaefer

Mr. Schaefer is President of SYSTEMATICS and has a long and successful history in the High Density storage industry.  Starting literally at the ground level, Tom has been a key driver in turning SYSTEMATICS from a small local company into one of the Northeast’s largest high density storage vendors.

Armed with the largest manufacturers of mobile storage, an unparalleled in-house Installation department and the highest level of professional staff members, SYSTEMATICS is New England’s leader in Storage and Document management services.  From initial consulting, design engineering, implementation and subsequent service, Mr. Schaefer ensures the company strives to not only meet its client expectations but to exceed them every step of the way.

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Tom Carmody
Director of Sales

Mr. Carmody is Director of Sales for SYSTEMATICS  More than 18 years of experience helping clients realize improved space utilization, increases in staffing efficiencies, and the safety and security of items stored, have led to national speaking engagements and involvement in industry boards.  His dedication to the Library and Museum markets have led to unique storage solutions including collaboration with the Five College Consortium to create, what was understood to be, the first use of size mapping of a collection to be stored on compact shelving with location codes in trays.

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Tom Mulvey
Director of Operations

Mr. Mulvey is Director of Operations for SYSTEMATICS.  His area of expertise is in the synchronization and implementation of scheduling, warehousing, delivery, and installation of projects throughout the New England region.  Mr. Mulvey is actively involved in all aspects of project management from the design phase through completion. Additionally, he is dynamically engaged in the operations of the field including the technical and preventive services provided to existing clients.  Tom has over 18 years of experience in project installation and service management.

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SYSTEMATICS works with architectural organizations to help maximize the utilization of existing or planned floor space for client projects.  Systematics works with partners to analyze client needs, customize solutions for any and all facility storage requirements, and create, manufacture, and assemble the products to ensure complete client satisfaction. This is accomplished by decreasing the space needed for storage functions while increasing the amount of capacity in a specific area, and helping people organize their storage materials more efficiently.  SYSTEMATICS has designed systems to fit every situation — to save space, maximize storage capacity, cut costs, accommodate growth, consolidate operations, avoid moving, improve workflow and productivity, reduce supply inventories, reduce misfiling, control unauthorized access and pilferage, and eliminate clutter.  Systems are designed to fit every situation from small mobile systems adjacent to work stations to larger central systems to support several operations and massive systems for bulk storage.