A Checklist for Managing Your Office Move

Moving is listed among the top 5 most stressful events in life. It’s hard enough moving from one home to another, but when you’re managing an office move involving hundreds of employees and thousands of equipment items, furnishings, and documents, it can be worse than herding cats.

British business management blogger Morris Barris recommends this checklist to help you organize your move into manageable steps:

  1. Set up a moving timeline – Know what is happening and when, and start your planning months ahead of time. The longer you wait, the higher the costs and the higher the stress.
  2. Get well-acquainted with the new space – Learn everything about the space, including how many power outlets there are and the quickest way to the fire exit. Plan your new office layout to avoid any problems you had in the old space.
  3. Communicate with your colleagues – Hold meetings and send frequent memos to keep everyone up to date and encourage two-way communication. Let supervisors know they are accountable for their staff’s office packing, equipment, and files.
  4. Bring your moving vendor on board – Start early to find a vendor who will work as a consultant, not just a furniture-pusher. A reliable, experienced vendor will offer advice to simplify the move, often saving you money in the process.
  5. Assign tasks – Make sure each staffer or team knows what they are responsible for. Publish a master plan so everyone is aware of their responsibilities.
  6. Alert your clients – A move is a great opportunity to stay in touch with clients. Let them know about the wonderful new space and how it will help you serve them better.

 A successful office move really boils down to good planning, good communication, and good vendor support. With those three things in place, your office move will be a walk in the park.


Photo © Peshkova – Fotolia