12 Tips To Becoming a Better Buyer

When you are making a major business purchase, you might feel like a tourist at a foreign bazaar – too many offers of something you’re not sure you want. What’s a buyer to do?

According to these 12 tips from Renewable Energy Vermont, information is the key to being a better buyer. Have a clearly defined set of goals for the purchase, then do your research to learn about the vendors. Investigate their reputations; ask about their industry expertise, their licenses, or other credentials. Learn about their involvement in professional organizations and the community; find out if they are socially responsible toward their workers and the environment.

Ideally, you’ll find a selection of vendors who can be your partners for the long term – companies that share the same values as your business, who can provide support and advice as well as products and services. There’s more to a vendor than product and price.


Photo © Marzky Ragsac Jr – Fotolia