10 Steps to Bring the Coffeehouse Vibe to Library Interiors

A recent Public Library Association presentation showed that people want their local library to be more like their local coffeehouse, offering customization, comfort, and amenities. As in coffeehouses, activity “zones” defined by furniture color or style can cue patrons to reading areas or discussion areas. Much like your custom coffee order, furniture can be rearranged to patrons’ liking, and modular, mobile bookcases allow flexible reconfiguration of open spaces. Coffeehouses feature ambient lighting suited to their varied activity areas; libraries too can take advantage of natural light to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. These ten steps from American Libraries Magazine [http://bit.ly/1uhQSqc] will help create a welcoming interior that competes favorably with the neighborhood Starbucks…minus the noisy espresso machine, of course.


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Photo © Mila Supynska – Fotolia.com